Agreement signed between CloudLabs and SM Editorial, SM Apprender

As CloudLabs Continues to work on it’s Globalization process, it is making great alliances that allow it to enter new markets, such is the case of SM Editorial and its “Apprender” platform; a digital environment with educational apps pedagogically endorsed by SM professionals, which guarantees that children expand their knowledge in a respectful way in their own learning and development. ( Apprender is a marketplace for educational applications, where the theme is fun and entertaining education for children and young people. CloudLabs fits perfectly within this theme, as its learning environment integrates technology, pedagogy, fun and entertainment for today’s children and youth.

For this reason, both companies see how the future of education must be approached with the transformation of educational scenarios and technological inclusion in a meaningful way. With active participation of teachers and students, as they apply the acquired knowledge to real context. Allowing young people to develop a taste for science and mathematics, focusing on 21st century skills.

SM Apprender and CloudLabs are joining in a commercial cooperation agreement, in which CloudLabs will be available through Apprender marketplace, this way customers who already use Apprender products can now access CloudLabs. The agreement includes the offer and promotion of the product in Spain, through more than 200 sales associates.

For us, as a parent company, this is a great achievement that is shaping the horizon for CloudLabs, as we are pleased to join forces with one of the best in the education sector worldwide.

The agreement was signed within the framework of SIMO201, a world-class event specialized in education and technology. There, our CEO Jiovany Orozco Parra, participated in some talks at the SM stand and began the commercial agreement between the two companies.

We have a dream, and that is to transform education in the world. With alliances like this one, we are increasingly reaching more schools that will benefit from an excellent quality and highly innovative product, designed in a way that promotes the love for sciences.

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