CloudLabs and JP have signed an agreement

We are excited to share that CloudLabs and JP have signed an agreement in which we are working together to transform education and learning, with Ikes 2.0 and CloudLabs Virtual STEM.

As per the agreement, CloudLabs Virtual STEM will be installed on JP devices in most of the countries where they are available.

JP is a Portugal based educational company, with a leading presence in over 70 countries. It has led the implementation of more than 20 large-scale educational projects, with an impact on over 15 million students.
IkES 2.0 was designed to inspire and promote learning, providing new opportunities for current and future generations.

CloudLabs was created to develop skills and learn sciences, through videogames and challenges that engage the students in learning technology, math and sciences. CloudLabs developes critical thinking through the use of active learning techniques. Students advance in their learning process by researching and experimenting with situations that simulate real contexts.

For CloudLabs, it’s great to count on allies that know the market and are able to enhance the capabilities of our products.

It is real. We transform learning!

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